Ibiza virgin looking for suggestions on clubs/bars


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Hi everyone,

I am planning on going to Ibiza for my 30th next year.
I've always loved dance music, so thought it would be the perfect destination to see in my 30s.

However, after spending a couple of days looking into it further, it seems the majority of venues play very different music from what i imagined.
Please can you give some suggestions on which venues may be suitable. We are looking for anywhere we can dance and the music to be chart/dance/old school dance, nothing to heavy or out there.

Thanks in advance!


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Glitterbox at Hï on Sundays is disco, vocal house and classic dance music
Es Paradis will no doubt have a throwback night, but you might have to wait until closer to May to find out their schedule

Clockwork would fit the bill, but it's only one weekend of summer, as are other one-off retro events. Did you have dates in mind?
There will be smaller bars that play that kind of music

We're in the process of updating them, but there is a tonne of info on our Ibiza virgin guide pages.