ibiza virgin just got back


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just got back this morning at 4.30 what a wicked time whent on a 18-30(last miniut deal)reps hastled a bit but soon got the idea we wanted to do our own thing went to es sunday nite for the helter skellter closing party that was a fkin wicked nite with slipmat cuttin up the decks real good monday nite totaly forgot what we did but was told it was a good one tuesday nite went to es for the water party that was the best nite i have evre had wenesday went on down to cafe del maor for a wicked nite with a billiant sunset everone cheered when it went down then on to eden with lisa lashes go some realy good pics of her and a wicked nite thusday cream at amnesia wicked but too packed for me there was just no room to dance friday went down to mambo to see pete tong what a great nite got some realy good close up pictures of pete(stood behind him all nite!!!!) and his autograph plus sarah cox and her group as well being there saterday went to cafe del moar for the last time to say goodbye then had to wait till 2 to get the bus to the airport so went on a cruise around the west end i just cant wait to book for next year roll on 2004!!!!!! :D :D
great review. i'm particularly impressed with the total lack of punctuation save for several exclamation marks!!
He He Stephen .. well I managed to read it in one breath ... JUST !
i'm surprised you had any problems the amount of aimless droning you do on here. i feel sorry for that poor husband of yours... wossisname?