Ibiza Virgin, in college in U.S.



Hello all,

My name is Todd Madigan, I am a student at Pittsburgh Technical Institute in PA. I would like to know the basic "rules of thumb" on clubbing, and also if there is anyone who could give me basic info on the best hotels rates, club rates and such. I know they list such info on the site but I would like some personal opinions.

Good to meet all of you,
Todd, welcome to the forum. The information you request is indeed contained on the site, as are a whole summer's worth of personal perspectives.

I suggest that you begin with a few searches using the facility at the top of the page to see what people have to say.

Also, I recommend the review section, which will contain much personal opinion too.

Any other, more specific questions you have, I'm sure everyone will be happy to help.

Good luck,


Hi there,

I have been to ibiza twice. Friends went a year before my first time and came to the conclusion they chose the wrong place. They looked around on the island and came to the conlusion playa d'en bossa is the best place. I have stayed two years in Jet appartments and i'm sure they made a good decision. It's not very luxury but the apprtment are build next tot the beach where all the best things happen like bora bora beach and space. After a night of clubbing in ibiza town or pivilege and amnesia you always end up in space after that it's just a short walk to bora bora were the party continues. After that you can walk to your appartment. One advise take your rest every two days if you stay more than one week and be carefull with taking to much drugs.
IF you are serious about going then START saving ASAP.

I cost us total of $900 on airfare alone from NY-Barcelone. Barcelona-Ibiza.

So it's not a CHEAP trip if you want to go during June-Sept
Yes, start saving now. I live in San Diego and it is quite a bit more from where I live since I am all the way on the west coast. Good luck with your saving and have a fabulous time in Beezer! :D
whoops only came in here cos i saw the words "U.S College virgin".

(i know thats a really bad joke but i'm really really bored)