Ibiza Virgin/Ibiza in May/Places to stay



Been reading everyones' postings and was able to find answers to a lot of my questions. I am planning on visiting Ibiza from May 16-25th. I realize that this is early but it is the only time I have. I am travelling by myself and was wondering if anyone could recommend a hotel in Ibiza that is relatively nice (preferably under 80 Euro a night), close to Ibiza town and oriented toward clubbers, ie not families. Also, is the water warm enough to swim in at the end of May? Thanks in advance for any responses. Cheers.

i think the es vive is your best bet - it's on this site.
as for the water - it depends how tough you are. the pensioners from the mainland are swimming now - i don't go in till august.......
Thank you for taking the time to reply, Stephen. Truth is, after all my reading, I am more inclined to try to do this trip in July. It will be more expensive but I do like the music and want to go when it is in full swing. No matter, it will be a great trip regardless. Great sight you guys have going here. Cheers.

u should go in august...end august..i went there last year and it was perfect...clubs weren't to the brim..you still had place to dance....and the beaches were beautiful.....take care

Thanks for the advice. The thing is that I go on vacation back home to California every year in late Sept and I only have limitted vacations days so I am trying to space my two trips out. Otherwise, I will go stir crazy. I hate to miss the peak season. At the same time, I have never been to Spain or any of its islands and wouldn't mind taking in some of the culture. I worry if I go peak season, I will miss a little of that. Anyway, I have a feeling that this won't be my list trip to Ibiza. Can you tell me of any places off the beaten path that shouldn't be missed? I am headed to Atlanta next weekend. Sister lives there. Hope it's scorching because the weather in Chicago is still mediocre. Have a fun weekend.