Ibiza Virgin......ha ha not any more!!!



Right where shall I start.................

Stayed at San Remo Fiest Hotel, San An Bay.
We were nxt door to 2 old biddies so we had a bit of a tiff with the neighbours as they didnt find it amusing me arriving at the hotel at around 7:00am each morning signing mornging has broken.

First nite didnt get there until 2:00am so we went for a little walk got dragged into this little Kareoke Bar called Buccurencos, of which me and my mates completely took over the place after the Dj decides to give free shots every time some1 sang! we were steaming! :lol:
First morning had to catch some rays down at the beach and my friend burnt all her legs and ended up covered in blisters! (always wear loads of sun cream!).

Had a few drinks and then off to Coastline for Cream's pre party, amazing! great music and people and of course the fireworks on the beach!

Amnesia - Cream, amazing! love the ice cold air thingy, really cool's u down after the hard core dancing. 8)

Went to Savannah in the day for a drink then the West End by nite for most of the week then, went to The Star club and upstairs? Play2, Funcky Flares (not my choice! I was dragged in), the welsh Kareoke Bar cant rember the names of any more :rolleyes:

Monday went to Privlidge - Manumission, absolute madness :evil: , every1 has to try it once! very expensive but worth it.
Really liked the bar covered in fairy lights and the roof terrace to cool off. Tons of those fairy things about too ant there? mind u the massages looked relaxing! pitty there werent male fairies :lol:
Pre party was in Bar M also very nice but a bit full, plenty of free shots.

Well Ibiza gets the tumbs up from me :lol: :lol: :lol:
Cant wait to go again :rolleyes:
NatalieRay100 said:
went to The Star club and upstairs?

upstairs is called koppas!! ;)

bucaneros will be very different next year apparently

i was good mates with alot of the staff while living over there

ive had many a bad experience int here but it all adds to the fun :D