Ibiza virgin going...in 3 days! SOLO!


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Whats up buds,

I'm extremely excited for my realization of a dream come true...making it to the white isle! Fun 22yo American male here making it to the island for the first time (ibz virgin!) solo on thursday. I'm staying for a week (Jun11-18 ). I know I'm coming at a weird time, but basically a family vacation sorta left me a country away from the island...I simply couldn't logically resist :p

I'm a 4-year Miami WMC veteran so I def know how to hang. I like the party favors and prefer house over trance...basically just lookin for a crew to chill with! Everyone on these forums and some others I've read has suggested going to Ibiza solo is one of the coolest solo vacation experiences possible, so I'm pretty elated.

Staying in PDB, plannin on going to we love & cocoon openings, probably sander K too...send me a PM for a meetup or facebook or something! Anyone! :evil::):):):D