Ibiza virgin - costs!


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Me and my best mate are in Ibiza for 10 nights in June/July, ive got us a flight and hotel for 600 squid including shuttle from airport to hotel and 2 hold luggage, bargain or no bargain? Were staying in Bossa.

How much do you think we should take each for food and drink, alcohol and club entry etc

Food and drink - 100
Alcohol and club entry - 450

Sound OK or more? Don;t plan on buying drink in the club, just bars before.

I need someone in the know so i can start saving!

Tar :eek:
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start saving now ok.not cheap if you plan on doing alot.give yourselfs at least £100.00 a day spends.whats left you can always bring back.now why did you pay for a shuttle.its only less than 2 euro if that on the new 10b airport bus that runs throught playa den bossa.or 11 max in a taxi.which hotel or atps are you staying in by the way?.

playa den bossa you know is only up the road from airport.its not far.in fact years ago when there was a bus strike,people even walked it to airport.

need any more info pm me or add to site.always willing to help
It really depends on what you're gonna be doing.

By that I mean you could go for 2 weeks and only goto the west end and live off fast food. This could be done for £600 I think, probably less thinking about it.

Then if your planning on eating at nice restaurants, going to the big clubs nights, doing excursions, whatever else its going to cost a lot more.

I always take £2000 for two weeks and normally come home with pocket change. This year I doubt I will come home with anything with the ****ty exchange rate.

You can probably get away with £1000 for 10 days again depending on what your gonna be doing in Ibzy. I would take £1500 to be safe and so you have no worries!

years ago when i went with my mates.we used to have a kitty.we all took the same amount of money.talking 80s now.what ever change you had from any notes went in a bag.very large sports bag of mine.on the last day we would use that money .and have one big blow out.i go on my own these past few years.and my budget a day is 100 euro.but that includes fags.15/16/18 days.

don.t forget sunbeds/creams/water/pop/taxi/bus/water/ buying ladys a drink?.if s/c it can add up.
Im going to have about 900 of your great british pounds for the whole thing, **** sunbeds i'll just wap a towel down, ive already got all my toiletries, my mates taking the taxi money.

No excursions, bugger nice resteraunts, fruit from the market at lunch and a meaty fat dinner should help soak up that alcohol :(

900 quid minus the flight and hotel is 600, 100 for food (11.5 euros pd) 500 on alcohol (62.00 GBP per night/day)

Anyone know if it's OK to take a crate to the beach in the day? :rolleyes:

Thanks for the replys!
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you can take beer on beach,but not really fair if you in front of a bar beach like bora bora.but you will be ok just keep it covered up at all times.and drop you;re cans only really in a bag.you could buy a bag of ice to keep them cold.but if useing bottles and cans just be carefull.don;t break them and pop the can tops in a empty tin.you should find somewhere to bath and have a few drinks 2 and half miles long beach.