IBIZA vacation review 8/30-9/5



Arrived august 30th Saturday-stayed at Hostel Mitjorn San An.
2 people

Sat-sunset at cafe del mar.....breathetaking after a year of missing it. Nap...and then we couldnt figure out which club to go to so we defaulted to the best :) PACHAAAAAAAA(defmix) and indeed it was incredible..we got there right at midnight and only 4 people in line including a young english couple(crazy motha f@#kas) don't know what they were on but he was wigging out and she was vomiting...but very cool people overall....we sat on the terrace for a couple hours and at 2 we went in and the place was banging..we danced all nite and closed it down.

Sunday-2-7PM on the terrace drinking and dancing and meeting loads and loads of people. Slept from 8-midnight...and arrived back at space at 1 to see steve lawler shred the place...he was amazing absolutely amazing.....stayed there till 6 (close) and headed to DC10 till 10AM(monday) another fantastic 3 hours of dancing.

Monday-sleeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp, evening we were contemplating manumission at privelege or pacha again :) :) and u guessed it pacha again...Release yourself Roger Sanchez...this was the first time watching him and he was fatabulous.....First time we met HugoBoss and his wife....whaddup don and faith......but pacha was beautiful as always and we had an incredible time meeting people and dancing......Mifua abhi says hello.....she's a bartender at pacha.

Tuesday-sleeepppp rented scooters and rode around all day sooooooo much fun went to bora bora for a swim and dance.....back to san an...nap and hit space for Carl Cox.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole nite i stood towards the back of the club right where you first walk in on the left side and i danced on the nice slippery floor. Closed the club again and went home

Wednesday-Yep you got it PaChAAAAAAAAAA-Subliminal - Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Timo Maas, Neneh Cherry...they were aite...but the we were feeeeeeling realllly gooooooddddddddd and so we hung out on the terrace and met a shit loooooaddd of people....we also hung out with hugo and his wife.....Met about 30 people all friends in one nite wow that was alot lol.......time flew by quick and it has come down to the last day of our ibiza vacation.....

Thursday- the ultimate party nite the day i have been waiting for.............
Cream-Amnesia PVD/Tiesto....................it was me, my buddy, hugo and faith we hung out at Savannah in san an for a couple of hours and then hit the west end....around midnight we head to cream...which has a line outside...and a sizeable crowd inside....this club was amazing.....beautiful setup and the dj booth was unreal.....we walked around had a coupld of drinks and scoped the best spot to dance and hang out and watch the dj's.....since it was our last day i convinced my mate to go in on vip with me so i can see my favorite dj's from up high in vip.....so we blagged our way up with/out buying a single bottle of expensive dish water. Tiesto comes on and without saying he's smashing.....while dancing my mate tells me PVD is in VIP as well.......so i grab the disposable camera and head his direction..couple of people tell me no pictures but i go up to his assistant and ask him to take a picture....it must have been the same Vandit shirt i was wearing that caught PVD's eye but he called me and we took two pics together.........coool as shit...........i was happy the rest of the nite..............later when pvd is blowing the roof of the club i hit the VIP restroom that has 2 urinals....while pissing...i turn around and tiesto is walkign right behind me to the use the urinal....i almost pissed myself.....i chatted with him for a minute...but the motha f@#$ka woulnd't let me take a picture popoff.....PVD is the one i came to see anyway :) f@#4ing beautiful set.....
that's that....see you guys next year :)
Hey kid...

Had such a blast there and glad to meet the 2 of you...hope Amsterdam was fun...Got sick the last day there, and still a bit under the weather...Ill post my reviews soon :D

Pacha by far the best time everynight!
Whaddup Faith.....hope you feeling better...thanks for the great digi pic online.....i've posted it everywhere...just curious if Don could actually send me the DSCN file so i can take it and get it blown up.........allready planning my trip next year :)...well email me some of your contact info so we can meet up either in nyc or atl
talk to ya soon
Faith said:
Pictures are finally all up:


I send the rest to your e-mail :)

Hi Faith,

Thanks for posting your pictures up, Seann and I were trying to meet you out but looks as we kept missing each other (we were inside while you guys out on the terrace and viceversa), funny you can actually see me in one of your pictures of Sasha, we were behind him up in the balcony for most of his set. I will post some pics just as soon as we get them developed. Let's connect in NY sometime. :D