Ibiza tunes this summer


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These are my top ten hot ibiza tunes for this summer
Its all house, sorry to those into trance e.t.c, I like a bit of trance but i don't really have much of a clue when it comes to the records these days.
I hate that pop stuff though like Dj Sammy

1. Junior jack - Esamba ( samba carnival house with a nice bassline )
2. Sessomato - I need somebody ( Full on Vocal house )
3. Efunk - Shout ( Vocal house with good deep and dirty mixes )
4. Benny bonassi - Satisfaction ( Hard to describe vocoded vocal brilliant )
5. Saffron Hill - My love is always - ( funky house with nice vocal )
6. Upside down - Trumpet thing ( it has a trumpet in it and a funky bassline )
7. Agent sumo - The Force ( funky bassline "chicago, detroit, new york, can u feel the force. )
8. Andria Doria - Bucci Bag ( felix da houscat " silver screen " esque )
9. 99 allstars - Chemical generation ( Alex P " read my lips " sample )
10. George Morel - for ever ( big bassline good vocal )

what do you think will be the big tunes of the summer
actually nish, thats where your wrong! i am also not sure on that tune, but i'm just saying that i think it will be huge this summer.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Dude! This is getting freaky!lol

Dfunky u are totally right, its got support from Morillo and Emerson and no doubt it will make an appearance with Pete Tong and maybe Fontaine with the R1 weekend. Even if it was completely shite, it would still get enough playtime and sell a few units
valentino - flying (great summer song...melodic and tribal)
kate bush vs. infusion - running up that hill
I havn't heard valentino, I mainly buy my records from the box marked funky house but i also look in the ones marked tribal and tech house as i like some of that, some of it is a bit too deep but other tunes are ideal.
I'm not into the kate bush thing though but again i think it will be played a lot.
just heard valentino and its quite good very balaeric sounding with the guitar. It's like a souped up version of Guitarra G havn't heard many people playing it though probably be big at Bora Bora.
i heard it first in a set of dj roland and steve lawler at club space miami. they started off with that song...i really like it! :D

what about Bini & Martini pres. Power Flower ft. Su Su Bobien - Say Yes (Bini & Martini Club Mix) ? i think it will be played by morillo etc. it´s a good one!
a track you can expect to be played by steve lawler, sander kleinenberg, deep dish etc. is aalacho - satellite (it will be on Deep Dish´s GU 25 Toronto btw)...
i can imagine this one to be played later in the night when everyone is smashed ;)
ok dfunky, here you are:

1.) Valentino - Flying
2.) Rouzbeh Delavari - About you (dreamy, melancholic...soooo nice!)
3.) Schatrax - Mispent Years (Silicone Soul Mix)
4.) Jark Prongo - onix (not new, but it rocks)
5.) Depeche Mode - Only When I Loose Myself (Lexicon Avenue remix)
6.) Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body ( Sander Kleinenberg´s Club Remix)
7.) Paul Jackson - The Push
8.) Coldplay - Clocks (Dean Coleman remix)
9.) Cass & Slide - Glad I Ate Her
10.) Aalacho - Satellite
The Valentino song was out last summer but I agree it's a nice tune.

Sam la More - Takin' Hold will be played a lot this summer
I just hope I dont get subjected to hours of the usual cheese.

My input :

1. H-Foundation - New Funk Theory (SWAG remix)
2. Chris Lum - Bring The Pain
3. Neptune Nevermind - Love Is Good

They wont be big at all but then the quality stuff never is.