Ibiza Track Recognition Survey

Select the extracts from the collection that you unmistakably recognise - cheers!

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Hey guys,
I'm currently researching Ibizan Club Culture for a university project and I was wondering whether you would be up for taking part in a quick survey on dance music.
Basically, I've compiled a selection of extracts taken from tracks played in the 2008 Ibiza season.
What I need you to do is have a listen to each of the extracts, and tell me which you recognise, by selecting on the poll those extracts which are familiar to you.
The research is looking into mainstream and underground dance events within Ibiza, and I'm using this survey as a general assessment of familar/unfamiliar tracks.

You can download the extracts here:

Thanks so much for any help - really appreciate everything x
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Thanks to the guys who have helped me out on this. Keep it coming if you have a few minutes to spare! Really appreciate the help.
Cheers x
i appreciate you have to do the primary research and having been there, any such work can be moulded to give an answer, but can i just add a little something.

surely the whole credibility of this piece is determined by who is listening (i.e are they underground or mainstream?)

how exactly are you managing this variable?
Just because 2 people like the same song, it doesn't mean they like it because of the same aspect. 1 person may like the vocal, the other may like the bass line. You're never going to get a definitive answer.
The aim of this exercise is to discover which tracks are more frequently recognised. Although it is a simple experiment, the answers will hopefully help me to establish the which of the two mixes that these 10 tracks come from are recognised more widely.
It doesn't matter who's listening, or whether or not the person likes or dislikes the tracks - all I'm looking to find out is whether or not you have previously heard (and consequently can recognise) any of these track extracts.
Thanks for your help.
L x x x