Ibiza town or San Antonio??

U can search in the spotlight forum for that topic, there's a lot about it. ;)
We stayed in San An this yr, and apart from the sunset bars and the West-End, getting to the rest of ibiza was HELL from a bus. If u wanted to get to Space or Bora Bora, u would have to take a bus into eivissa, and from there another bus to playa den bossa. Now imagine coming home from Space at 8am DEAD TIRED and wanting ur pillow, but having to sit thru 2 bus rides and walking some distance to finally get to ur hotel. IT SUCKED!!!! Next yr we r DEFINETELY staying in eivissa, its the centre for everything, u can get to anywhere with one simple bus ride...AND its where Pacha is (our deciding factor...hahahaha). It is also prob cheaper in a taxi going from eivissa to anywhere on the island, than it is going from San An to anywhere on the island. I could be wrong, but from my observations during our stay... i would say stay in eivissa town ;)

I stayed in Ibiza Town (hotel Montesol) and the cab fares across the island were miserable and so was the hike to the bus stop (but worth saving the money from cab fare). Next year I will DEFINATELY stay in Playa d'em Bossa. I think its a great and happy medium! Hopefully in those apartments right behind Bora Bora! (Jet). Plus the bus stop is right there.
Fantastic! Just booked for two weeks in Playa Den Bossa for 7th-21st September. Bit worried at first, as wasn't originally planning on it, just happened to be where the travel agent suggested. Very relieved, as I thought I'd only be able to get the San Antorio area.

Do you know what the Squash apartments are like? They looked alright in the brochure!
stayed squash around space opening but the 4 min walk to bora bora was too far now booked into bossa mar jet for august 30 sec walk max should be alright :eek:
Both places are typical tourist places. Many bars and shops.
In some places at Playa d'en Bossa are the landing aircrafts very loud, because the airport is very near.
Look at the spotlight site, here You can find a discription of the to places.