Ibiza Town during the day


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Heyy, sorry if this is already on here ( i had a search but couldn't see anything):?:

Was just wondering whether it's worth while going to ibiza town during the day for a stroll about?! is there much to see?

I thought it would nice, but staying in San Antonio so don't want to travel for ages if it's not really worth it?!
Also, how far is Bora bora from ibiza town? Could i do a few hours in ibiza town, then bora bora for a bit or is it too far? :confused:

Cheers for any help!:D
I dont think ive been to Ibiza town in the day yet but i can imagine theres lots of nice little shops/boutiques, the harbour is there, nice restaurants, you can walk about the old town(?) and you can also get a dead cheap bus from ibiza town to PDB;)
nice in day for a stroll.look round shops at bit and head to the port area.for lunch say.lots of nice shops there as well.get the bus 14 to pdb.10 mins away.

ibiza by night is good.just to people watch and there are stalls set round the harbour area.
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I'm a big fan of Ibiza Town...Dalt villa is beautiful and the views from it are amazing. Its a great little town to wander around, look at shops, have a few drinks in and have a bite to eat at. Its great for people watching as well...especially where the £3 million yaughts are moored!
Whenever me and my mates stay in PDB for a week we always walk to Ibiza Town in the day at least 3 times. It's a lovely atmosphere, lots of little market stalls n some really good fashion shops etc, the castle if you're into that sort of thing, loads and loads to see. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

By all means get the bus to PDB for Bora Bora if you like, but its actually quite a pleasant 30 minute walk, part street and part promenade / beach. Work up a thirst! ;)

bus 3 gets you to ibizatown is just over 20 to 25 mins depends on taffic.they run every 1/2 hour on the hour and 1/2 past.like said Dalt villa is really nice.(oldtown area walls round it).you get some great veiws of pdb..you would be better off walking to pdb. like said.

by the time you have walked back to bus street station.you could be half way there.its easy really.

when you get off bus from san an.walk back on yourself down street.when you see kfc turn right.walk up road till you can see a junction.and one of those temp times signs.now if you turn left you heading past a square and in to the port area.if you carry on up a hill look for a entrance on left you will get into Dalt villa.

at that temp sign.where you can see traffic coming down street.go up that road. untill you come to a cross road.bank on left side.take that left road untill you come to a righthand bend,you can see the prom from there.turn right.follow prom you will go pasted a pool in the sea.go right to the end,you will see a road on the right.turn left on that road.you go past es vive hotel.carry on that road ok.you go past torre del mar hotel on the left.go past that down a small alley way that leads to beach.hung the wall.on right

there you should see a set of steps.walk up them and follow prom you in pdb then.if you get on beach bora bora is 15 mins away if that.plus all the other beach bars further up.

sounds a long way and hard but its a nice walk and only takes 1/2 hour or so.

if you go on home page see maps and print them out.that will help you alot.

or when you do see that righhand bend,just follow that road into pdb.turn left at bottem where palm tress end.when you see jet atps on left.bora bora is just on the righ hand side to atps.
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Aw it sounds good then! i think i'll defos try and go, and walk to bora bora!

my god woodruffe u know ur onions :D tht was really helpful though, thanks :)8)

Sounds like it would be a nice break from san antonio as well

cheers every1 :lol:
i don;t know all that much.mine you been going since 83 so you get to know.i would say set off after a coffee.around 9am.then when you get to ibiza.walk on side buses are .there is a nice cafe thats does warm bread ect.and cakes.nice in there.make a full day off it.

when you going out anyway.
It's great to see Ibiza Town by day. A nice meal and bottle of wine followd by lazy smooching around the shops, perfect.