Ibiza this year?


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Hey peeps, me and a small group of friends have decided to go to ibiza this year, and we're booking in a couple of weeks, as the deposit's are low and various offers on the holidays at the mo, now last year i went the week of 17-24 of september and we managed to catch Cream @ Amnesia, Fiesta del aqua and Tiesto closing party @ privilage.

But i'm wondering whether we might catch on some better weather the week before.

What do you think? i don't want to miss out on any parties so badly want to go to cream and privilage again no nesaserly to see tiesto because not sure if he's playing but so you think there will still be alot going on that week or go the week before?
all the same parties will be going, cream, tiesto, etc.....they are weekly from june/july till end of sep.