ive booked an holiday with ten mates for 5th of may for a week. i was wondering wot the clubs are like at this time of year, are they open or not? i dont want to go and all the big clubs arent open.

Also i was thinking of sacking my dead end job in over here and getting bar work or summat over there. is it fairly easy to get work and can u afford to live off it?

Any help will be much appreciated!!!! :D
the only clubs that will be open are pacha and el divino and some bars will just begin to open in ibizza town, it won't be like the summer, but on a saturday night pacha will be busy but mainly with the spanish.

If you are stayin in san an then the west end will only just begin to open and it will be very quiet.

you will get a job, but you may struggle to live off it...
its not as fun as in the middle of the season. West-End is non-existant, and Ibiza town might be more fun and have more people, but don´t expect to meet foreighners or any travellers untill ultimo June, where the opening-parties begin!
ibiza will have thousands of visitors in may. there will be all nationalities. all the nice bars and restaurants will be open. there will be loads of places providing entertainment. there will be beautiful weather (normally) in the day time and it will be cool enough to sleep comfortably at night. there will still be a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. the roads will not be so busy.
sounds ideal to me.
Stephen is probably right...there ARE indeed many people there, I´m just thinking commercially there would be more people when the school´s summer break starts..in the middle of June.
last year i went at end of may and it was fantastic. everything open and just busy enough to be nice!