ibiza sept 13th-20th ISH


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I have been told if i book 3 days b4 i go i can get ibiza acc and flights etc for £139,now im not gready(just skint) is that the cheapest i am likely to get?
plus how much spending dosh for a week would u suggest?
tilly found anyone to go with yet? :)
ah im not def going yet hon..i was a week ago but lack of funds has caused me to cancel my trip :cry:
any ideas on the prices etc?
what about accommodation or do u have that sorted?
i really wanna do this trip,havent been for 4years and ive so much to c. :)
OOOhh No!

I will be in Ibiza 5-19th Sept but we are going to the Judgement Sunday Closing party on the 14th, and Space the previous sunday.

Well I hope you all have a good time!