Ibiza Rocks VIP Tickets


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All the VIP tickets seem to be sold out online for August. Can you still buy some on the island at Bar M or the hotel or am i too late?
i doubt it very much..... if they are sold out they are sold out ! !

the vip has been sold out almost every week so imagine in august.....
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Hey mate,

Check the website that should tell you if there are any VIP tickets left for the shows,

Also, they do usually leave an amount of upgrades on the door on the night which costs €20 per person, we did it the other week for Calvin Harris as my missus wanted to see everything and it is well worth it, wicked view, posh bed/sofa things, your own bar etc, much nicer!

You can buy your actual gig tickets from the ticket section here on Ibiza Spotlight, thats what we did then upgraded on the door, but get there early to do it as doors are at 7:30pm, we went about 7pm to make sure, and you can get upgrades to include the aftershow party Reclaim The Dancefloor at Eden which is amazing and runs from midnight after the gig till 6am, of course the lass's shoes were hurting but we made it till 5am, wicked night out.

tickets -

the VIP gets you onto the VIP terrace right opposite the stage its sweet we went on it last year deff worth the bit extra, your own bar and a wicked view, depends what you want out of the gig but me and the girls love it up there :) xx
As usual it really does matter who you know. There were no more VIP Enemy tickets for sale but after getting the guy i went with to make a couple of calls we were in for free + VIP at eden later!

Why didn't he offer to do this before i told him the €40 tickets had sold out? :spank:

A great gig... made better by not paying!