Ibiza rocks hotel


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I am going to Ibiza in the summer. Me and my mates are staying at the hard rocks hotel

All my mates are going to be 18+ except me. The Ibiza rocks hotel says it is strictly 18+. I have just realised that the hotel is 18+. Does the hotel really kick you out if you are not 18? Has anyone went to the hotel underage?

I will be 17 and just a few months off 18. I have already paid the deposit and for my flight so I don’t know what to do


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Which hotel? Hard Rock Hotel (Playa d'En Bossa) and Ibiza Rocks Hotel (San Antonio) are two separate places. Given your age, I'm gonna assume you mean Ibiza Rocks.
Yes, they will know because you need to provide your passport at check-in. No, they are unlikely to make a concession, as they're a licensed venue that holds events within the hotel.
Could you consider alternative accommodation?


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I'd email the hotel in question (I'm also thinking you mean ibiza rocks hotel in san an), but as WIC correctly says, you might have to consider some place else...