ibiza radio stations....


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what good ones are there? i know theres ibiza global radio, but last year when i went in july we found a radio station which im pretty sure was called "love house fm", but i didnt check what the frequency was and when we went back in september i couldnt find it again.
Hi Ray,

Try Ibiza Sonica online. It has quite a few live broadcasts, including Amnesia daily, As one and more! Good stuff. :) Not sure how to get it analog wise, or if you can.
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im looking more for stations i could get on an analogue radio rather than over the internet. its just for when i go over in july. has anyone got any idea about this 'love house fm' station? im certain thats what it was called but i cant find anything about it anywhere.
I like Ibiza Sonica. Listened to it a lot last year espicially when driving. Also picked up a copy of their mix CD too. Will be listening to it again next week when I am over.