ibiza playboy



Ibiza Playboy

Beautiful women, the hottest clubs, balmy nights and crazy parties
where pleasure rules – Ibiza, the ultimate island holiday, is the inspiration
for the new scent from Playboy that will give you a fresh and tropical touch
to stay seductive until dawn.

It’s the scent for young, energetic and smartly seductive men who like to play.
The fragrance brings masculine, fresh and green notes; reminiscent of the
Mediterranean Islands that reflect the glow of a luxurious life.

Make the step from boy to Playboy.

To get your hands on the Playboy Ibiza fragrance go to your nearest Coles,
Priceline, Kmart, Big Wor selected pharmacies and hit up
www.playboy go****yourself.com for details on the entire range.

To celebrate the launch of Ibiza Playboy, we are giving away a massive prize pack
worth $15 000 which includes a brand new Honda CBR 125R Motorcycle,
Apple Pro laptop 17 inch, a Playboy Ibiza fragrance pack and heaps more!

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Oh my god... that's not a joke! :eek:

"Ibiza by Playboy

Ibiza is a new fragrance inspired by heavenly nights on the island of Ibiza. Designers of the house had an aim to interpret the essence of intoxicating notes of the island where pleasure rules. Beautiful women, clubs, yachts and crazy parties are characteristic of the island which is one of the most exclusive places both for having rest and fun."



bought my "ibiza-playboy" today -
as expected i can recommend it ...

... NOT :lol:

it´s even more disgusting than i expected,
that kind of cheap stuff which burns like ****ing hell.

the smelly smell is even cheaper than the price of that crap
(something between 2 and 3 euros)

you can buy that exact same **** with different names on it,
like "vegas playboy", "hollywood playboy", etc -

avoid at any cost !
that stuff might be useful @ ibiza in case you get a room
with ants, cockroaches and other fellows inside ...