Ibiza Planet @ EL DIVINO 2009


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Since the get go, Ibiza has been at the forefront of musical innovation - bringing the hottest new acts to the most exciting and decadent venues in the world.
We can (and do) bang on about the twisted techno that you'll hear at DC10, the euphoric sun drenched house that eminates from the Space terrace and those euphoria inducing moments under the ice cannons at Amnesia.
However, every now and then something completely different rolls into town. Fresh for 2009 El Divino has booked in a Sunday session with a definite alternative vibe.
MASS Planet String combines the electro-house grooves of David Vendetta, Outwork & K Alexi with a stunning stage show, circus performances and the world record breaking array of massive instruments designed by William Close

Close's signature instrument 'the earth harp' utilises 300 metres strings that can attach to local architecture to create harp like harmonies. The plan is to run these strings between the famous castle in Ibiza town, across the harbour and onto the terrace at El Divino.
Now there is an Ibizan site worth seeing!

The opening party on June 14th is free of charge and tickets thereafter will range between €25-30.