Ibiza Pics from Last Weekend ! (29th - 3rd)

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Hello you fantastic people! 8)

I've put my pics up on my site now (www.clubtheworld.com) and was just looking at them myself whilst kicking out "The Mystery (Devotion)" and confess tears came to my eye - I FECKING LOVE IBIZA - when I die I want to be in a universe FULL of ClubPlanets (r)

Hope you enjoy the pics - there are some pretty good ones but just you wait till our trip Aug 31st - Sept 7th - its gonna be HUGE - it was just me and 4 mates to start with but I reckon we are pushing 40 of us now!!!!!!! All met through clubbing!!!!!

O my god .............. Epic Monolith (Mirco De Govia) <----------- HOW COOL IS THIS TOOON ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

*James jumps up off his desk, whilst banging his knees, remembering Corsten last Sunday night at Eden - O MY FECCCCCKKKKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judgement Sundays ?????????? NO WAY ---------> CORSTEN SUNDAYS

These typical San Antony pictures are on his website.

Click on the button www in the bottom of his post! ;)

But be careful, don't scare :!:
Great Pics

What about those 2 birds nobody would speak at Bar M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D :eek: :eek:
There are f***ing Fantastic!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get to the Island. 3 weeks on Wednesday for 2 weeks.
I know mate - you should have seen it - Bar M - one of the more classy / better bars in San An... and absolutely NO ONE would do anything but STARE at these 2 beauties. Now, admitedly I'd had a couple to drink but I just went up and ask them if they wanted to go to the garlands party on the Tuesday night - when they said no they were busy I just said at least let me get a pic for the web site because you have 'the look' ! hehehe

Anyway, they were really nice girls and when they left everyone was looking at me as though "who the f*ck is this guy / who does he think he is!" hehehehehehe

Luv it !!!!

Next time peeps - just go and chat to them - they are only women for gods sake!!!!

and about damn time

ferry corsten is a GOD.

i went to ibiza last year just to see him...and tiesto.

did he spin his remix for kosheen and lighthouse family?
yes mate , I've been there in the same period, not exactly to the same partys appart from the Euphoria on sat 29 june and I got kicked out for no reason. I was talking to my wife and because of the noise a c*unt bouncer tought I was shouting at her for some reason the next second I was out in the street with no right to reply. absouttely stupid ... but it looks like even if you pay a fortune to get in the clubs they kick you out for no reason coz .. you paid .. hehe . :x :evil: :cry: you're a tourist you can't do anything about it, coz most ppl go there once ...
I got a lots of photos myself in the same period as yours have a look :
BTW if someone has photos from Es paradis - water party tuesday 02/07- I would love to see some- of if you know someone that might have some.. many thanx