Ibiza: Operation Scrap Iron



Drass and Key West

Costas, the coastal authority, have finally agreed to foot the bill to remove
the two boats which have remained an eyesore on San Antonio's shores
since last year's storms.

Drass is a dilapidated old fishing vessel, whose owners refuse to pay for her removal,
while Key West is an Italian yacht which was recently involved in drug trafficking.

The cost of the removal from the s'Arenal beach of these two vessels
is thought to be in the region of €70,000.

In the case of Key West, which is the more complicated, three cranes and a large tug
will be needed to re-float her and tow her to es Caló des Moro
where she can be transported over land to a dry dock.
The paving of the promenade is not thought to be strong enough to bear the weight
of this large boat, necessitating her transfer to the other side of San Antonio.
A judge and a member of Customs will also need to be present during the entire process.

As far as Drass is concerned, it will be towed to the port in Ibiza Town
to be cut into pieces and then recycled.

The Town Hall has always maintained it did not have the money to carry out
the removal of the two boats, and have being pushing for the Coastal Authority
to finance the operation during the last few months.
The work will be carried out in May.


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The Drass, we were planning on boarding it last year but were too worried about looky looky men hiding inside!


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there'll be plenty more photo opportunities this summer as they've discovered that the drass isn't seaworthy enough to make the voyage so are going to leave it on the beach until after the summer.

that's a surprise, why didn't they just follow my planning tip ??


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Chain it to a railing and wait for it to disappear..................

or let the owners of DC10 turn it into a club:)


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"or let the owners of DC10 turn it into a club:)"

to quote Jaws..

"your gonna need a bigger boat"