Ibiza On Your Own?



Hey. All my mates couldnt go so I am goin on my own. Has anybody gone on their own b4? Is it as fun as goin with mates?


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Hi 8)

I didnt go on my own , but when i was out in ibiza this year i met a guy in space who was out there on his own for 2 weeks.

He told me he was having a wicked time and had got to know loads of people an tagged along on with them on a night out.


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Dont think I could do it by myself (just not confident enought) BUT every post on this forum regarding this subject say its not even a slight problem, everyone is so friendly in the clubs and bars you should have no problems at all with being by yourself!! Enjoy! :D


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spent 5 days on my own before my mate hooked up with me for 6 weeks out there,its not at all bad,in fact i met loads of people on there own out there.


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been on my own a few times. definately worth it, get ur arse over there! I might be doing the whole season next year, If ur worried I can sort things out before u arrive to make things easier .


I think this "you'll defo meet up with people" stuff is a bit questionable.

I stayed by myself and met up with people I knew that were down from London - good aquaintences, you could say - for about half of the nights.

I met up with some cool people in the clubs I went to by myself, but I certainly didn't meet anyone to "tag along with". And I'm an extrovert!

In my case, I didn't mind - it let me go and do whatever I wanted during the day, then hook up with people at night - but if you're the type that needs people around you, you might want to wait until you know other people that are going, or meet up with people from this board.

my $.02


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theres always members from spotlight who are out there and meeting up

i went on my own and its all cool.. stick around the board :p ;)


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Supa_G said:
Hey. All my mates couldnt go so I am goin on my own. Has anybody gone on their own b4? Is it as fun as goin with mates?


I went on my own for two weeks this year (beginning of the season) for the first time, and I had a great time. Even though I tend to be a bit on the reserved side, I met quite a few people that I had a lot of fun with. From the board I met Scottish Helen (and her other half) and Saffy (and her hubby) too at one of the sunset bars. The bottom line is that if you are half-way friendly you will easily meet people.