Ibiza on Off season



My friends and I are going to Ibiza on Oct 3rd to the 10th. I read that this are off season dates already and most of the clubs are close. Is this true? If it is what clubs will be open or happening? There will be two guys and three girls (all single).

So any advice for the off season nightlife which would give us the Ibiza culture experience would be great....

have a look at our off-season clubbing page, pacha will be open, bars like morgana, km5, etc as well. café del mar, and es paradis until about 7th october (they have a great closing party)

look ot for Pacha's closing party too, all drinks are free!! sometime in 1st week of september.

oh and the rock bar in the port is also open!
Thank you for the advices!!!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I will give Pacha a try first....

I have looked at the Off Season clubbing page. It was somewhat disappointing to find out that the days I will be there is the "dead season." I was really looking forward to partying night and day as I have before at Toronto. It was a two day underground scene with Danny T, Tall Paul, and several more from the UK. Best I've seen so far! They had four DJ at the same time mixing it up. It was really WILD!

Next year I'll plan on being there for the closing party of the other clubs. This year a friend is travelling at Poland for a volunteer work. We all decided to help him feel home by meeting him at Ibiza to hit the scenes after his volunteer ended.

SeriousDanger said:
i fear ibiza is host to mostly families during offseason?

I feared this as well! Which is why I started this post to see if any of the locals can help.

I'm sure that there are other things to see in Ibiza other than the nightlife. However, since this is my first time there, I wanted to experience how truly "magnificent" it is to party in Ibiza. I want to feel the beat move me and I want to hear the DJ rip through sets of the underground music.
I'm also heading to Europe (Ibiza) with my buddy during the months of Nov/Dec... is there good clubbing avali?