ibiza old town




Any one been to the old town in ibiza town, i thought it was really magical
what do you guys think.
not good on a lot of beers though one to many step.
I can remember getting very lost in the little streets and trying to find somewhere that sold cold beverages becuase I was too hot by far.

well been on the island 4-5 times now and not once have I managed to walk up the hill and see the castle and the amazing view for myself, what a bummer! I WILL go next time!
i went there last time and made it up to the castle wicked view, shame i had to see a couple of locals shooting up though. :(
Vodka Lemon is THE ibiza drink!!
Ibiza old town rocks; at 2.30am ish head for the dome bar. The coolest place in Ibiza for people watching. (Probably one of the most expensive too)
Funny you should say that too - I actually saw loads of poeple shooting up in the fort when I went in 2001. Urrgh - not classy at all.
ibiza old has got some beautiful views, by day you can see across the island watch the ferries come and go into the distant bacdrop, and by night its brilliant for people watching in one of the many relaxing bars...
I got lost in the old town last year on my scooter. This year I'm staying in apartment in the old town, looking forward to the breathtaking views.