Ibiza NYE Report


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James, and any other ibiza residents,

Can we expect to see a report about NYE???? and New years day. It would be very interesting, i know you ibicencans pary hard soo i'll expect a report after your hangovers has subsided...hhhhmmmmm about a week after then...

Cheers Rob
where's that yawn facey thingy.
i'm so bored with this clubby party lifestyley
i may just go to bed early and surprise everybody.

el dj
got to be bed and surprise everybody.... pah

biff is of course djing in pacha followed by a lengthy terrace session back to back with alfredo :lol:

some of us will def. be larging it, but not sure yet who. in my case there's even things like babysitters to organise (and you can be fairly damn sure that anyone of eligible babysitting age will be in space anyway ;-)))))

we can hear the terrace though from our garden, so it would indeed be a strong man who could resist the call on the morning of jan 01st.

by the by its biff's birthday tomorrow, we thought we'd venture out to the hippodromo market for a few jars. anyone care to join us?
Happy b-day for the 14th biff, i want ask you how old hahahaha!!!!
is it really true about djing at pacha etc, thats pretty good!!!!!!

james if u pay for flights i come a baby sit for u!!!! hahahaha!!!! esp if u can hear music in ur garden hahahaha!!!!

no seriously, your making me jealous already, i went ibiza last xmas and nye and i was one of the best festive seasons i have had!!!!