Ibiza NYE 1999

we spent the evening in Zuka (RIP) until we had drunk the bar dry, we then walked (yes walked) all the way from Zuka to Amnesia where they had a free party (cannot remember anything about who was on etc though!) even last summer Mark (zuka) and I were chatting about the crazy NYE in Zuka where the bars floor was heaving under the weight of people and he had to send people to supermarket for more booze!
I seem to remember some friends came over for a package type clubbing holiday that manumission had arranged where they had a hotel in san an and then a party on nye at privilege
es paradis was packed to the gunnels too. i seem to remember the main complaint about privilege was that it was freezing cold.
yep manumission at privilege (not ku anymore helen) and then an after carry on thingy at space i think.

barbie did it.
Was it Manumission at Ku/Privilege on NYE?

Yeah, thats what I thought when I originally posted. My brother had been to Ibiza that summer and there were Mixmag's and Ministry mags littering the house and I seem to remember that being advertised!
yep manumission at privilege (not ku anymore helen) and then an after carry on thingy at space i think.

barbie did it.

We did it too.

All sorted out by the Manumission people.

I used it as the ideal time to ask Sarah to marry me.

Flew from London, Stayed in Club Paraiso (now Ibiza Rocks Hotel).


20.00 to 01.00
DJs in the Hotel bar.

Andy Manumission got on the PA and thanked us all for coming.
Than we got all our tickets.

01.00 to Late.
Party at Es Paradis.
I think it was Daniele Davoli playing but I might be wrong. A nice night considering everyone was saving them selves for tomorrow.


12.00 to 16.00

Bus trip to Ibiza Town

16.00 to 22.00
Café del mar to see the sun set.
We set off to CDM to see the sun set and ½ way there it hit me that would be the perfect time to ask Sar to marry me so I ran back to the hotel to get the ring leaving her walking alone to CDM. I got there in plenty of time. CDM was closed so we sat on the wall ½ way between CBM and Savanas. Savanas had a DJ playing a lot of Pink Floyd. Because of the time of year the sun went down behind the hills, not into the sea or behind the Island.

As it set I popped the question. After 10 minuets of crying and hugging Sar said yes.

22.00 to 23.45
Back to the hotel for a party in the bar. Lisa Loud had turned up to DJ.

23.45 – 23.59
Some fire eaters tried to put on a show in the Manumission style but no one seemed to care as everyone wanted to do a big countdown to midnight.


We were all give a glass of Champagne and 12 Grapes. Apparently it is a Spanish tradition to eat a grape on each chime of midnight.
Big countdown and fireworks too.

Celebrated English new year due to the time difference.

01.0 – 02.00
All got put on busses out to Privilege. We sore 1 kid so drunk he was been taken up to his room by his mates. I bet he was gutted when he woke up the next day.

02.00 – 08.00
Partied at Privilege.
A fantastic night as you’d expect. Everyone was so friendly. They had tight rope walkers over the pool. A dj at the back up on scaffolding where they have the stage now. They gave away €10,000 at one point. To get drinks you had to get tokens and take them up to the bar.

Coco loco bar was done out like a whiter’s wonder land. DJs playing Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody. Thu sun came up and it was a beautiful day.

08.00 – 12.00
On a bus and off to space.
They played a lot of fresh sounding house classics. The tune that sticks out was Mody’s Body Rock [Olav Basoski's Da Hot Funk Da Freak Funk Remix]


12.00 - ?
Back to the hotel and bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Back to the UK to tell everyone the news

June 2002
We got Married

House and Mortgage,
1 Boy Dylan 3
1 Girl Jessica 1 ½
Very Happy

June 2009
Had 1 week in Ibiza without the kids. Went to La Troya and re-lived old times.

Pete & Sar.
I envy your Millenium evening shenanigans in Ibiza... too bad i was in he army that night... :cry:

Oh well - in the next Millenium :D