Ibiza Newbie!



Hello peeps,

Im planning to go to Ibiza in the next couple of weeks, thing is I have never been to Ibiza or even on holiday before :confused: I plan on going for 2 weeks, so could some helpful person please advise me what im letting me in for ? :D

How much money do I need to take ? What type of clothes (day/night), how much clothes do I take ? Whats the best places to go ? What things do I need to look out for ? Etc..

So you can see, any help you guys could give me is very much appreciated,

All of the above :D

As for music I like all styles from Funky House to the Hardcore Trance.
if your in san an walk about in groups of more than 3 there lots of muggers about around 4 -6 in the morning

dont take a wallet out- keep money loose

eat well drink lots of water

try and avoid the beach in san an and go to beniras and cala d hort beaches

dont cane it too hard have a night off every couple of nights

rent a car out and discover the island

take lots of money
I wouldnt say theres lots of muggers in San an, just take precautions like you would at 4-6am in any large town in any country :)
If you include the bay and the northern bit its large for a relatively small island i reckon.