Ibiza...my drug of choice?


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Long time no talk guys.

So, me and the fiancee were REALLY trying to save money on vacation this year and not come to Ibiza, and just come back next year after 3 years in a row.

We really, really were trying.

....like....really really.




The weather just started to turn on our side of the world, which means a lot of driving going on lateley with the sun roof open, windows down, and beats blasting. So while in the spirit, me and the fiancee just decided that we CAN'T STAY AWAY THIS YEAR!!!! Now we're currently in the process of booking our FOURTH expedition to Ibiza, and it's looking like we'll be there the first two weeks of August.

Ibiza, is like a drug to us. We can't seem to stay away from it. Even if we try...

I like the pause in the middle

like he's trying to inject suspense when we already know how the post will finish
Now now, Olly.

I actually thought the story was going the other direction. (I'd forgotten the title of the thread)

Well done, Klubbhead.