Ibiza music 2003



Can anyone say yet if 2003 is/will be a good year for music? I first went in 2001, and no matter what some people may think, i thought some of the tunes were f***ing fabulous, - finally, flawless and i strangely enjoyed some of the big trance tunes like question, superstring etc.

But last year, my holiday was great overall, but the music lacked, there where ofcourse some good tunes like so much love etc but not many

Im a house/funky/subliminal type person so is this year a good one?
Couldn't disagree more, last year there was some absolute blinders released and every year has been the same. You either were going to wrong places or totally had your head in the sand.
layo and bushwacka love story ,tim delux it just won't do
this year is awsome for music - last year was good but there were only a couple of HUGE tunes. This year by the end of a week you will know just about every tune played at Bora Bora!
You guys may have a field day with this one but I thought that last years disco 2002 and cream beach 2002 pretty much covered all the big hits. for some reason I couldnt find any of those types of albums this year. am I wrong?