Ibiza mar apartments


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Hi there,

Has anybody stayed at the ibizamar apartments in the bay? i would be grateful for any first hand info on these apartments, i'm staying there from 22nd june this year, stayed at the klippe apartments last year hoping for something better 8)
Hi Lee,

I've also stayed at the Klippe, not the best eh?? I had an awful room there which looked into the bar!!

I've not stayed at the Ibizamar but I know of people who have and they're supposed to be really nice.

I would have a look on some of the holiday report websites such as www.realholidayreports.com or holidaysuncovered.co.uk these are reports written by people who have stayed at the apartments.

Hope this helps :)
Hi helen,

thanks for that, i know what you mean about the klippe, ,we were lucky, we had a bay view, so your going on the 16th, where are you staying? i'll be there on the 22nd, day b4 you go eh
Don't know where we're staying this time. We're doing a deal where we know it's a Fiesta Hotel but could be anywhere on the Island.