Ibiza - July & Sept comparison


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Fellow Ibizaholics,

I go to Ibiza every year but always go in September.

Just wondering if anyone went last year in both months and could compare the two?

Or, maybe if you visited both months even in a previous year to last you would have a fair idea. I usualy go in the first two weeks of September and this year it looks like I may be going in the first two weeks of July for the first time.

I would expect them to be pretty much the same but i'm wondering if the atmosphere would be at all different and if there would be any more or less people in early July as compared to early Sept.

From my experience they tend to be very similar although as some of the bigger nights haven't opened by early july you may find other club nights busier.
Also the west end tends to be busier in july from what ive seen..
i alweays go on september,its the best time!or the openings,but i perfer go more time in september than divide the periods!
Hi all,

Right Ibiza Virgin , headin the first week in September but not sure were to go or stay.

Can any one throw any light on this
you into the clubs/bars ect.or just want a relaxing time but still able to party the odd the night.finding aplace can be hard sometimes.depends if you want s/c or h/b.best if you price up san an and playa den bossa places and get back to this site with a list.someone will tell you the best one and more info.plus how old are you as well.really you get what you pay for in the end.you planning on doing it diy or with a tour company.