ibiza july 10-? 2003 please guys help me out



yeah hi, I am a 21 y.o. girl from america. I'm travelling to England in July and am going to try and get to ibiza while I'm there, sometime between 10 and 21 of July. But I'd have to go it alone, none of my friends have the money to come that far, and I've never been. I really want to go and take care of some serious partying. I was wondering if someone might be able to offer me an affordable place to stay, or even just a spot on the floor, and some cool party pals to go out with. I really want to go, I really want to have some mental fun, and I'd really like to find some decent people, quality company to do it with. if anyone can offer any assistance, it'd be much appreciated. thanks...
the problems is that I have don't have any credit card or anything by which I could reserve a place for myself. It would be really stupid of me to just show up expecting I'll be able to find somewhere to stay. But thanks for the response...
hi y'a, if u do end up goin over, we'll be up 4 meetin up and avin' it in ibiza.there are 10 of us goin over,from july 13th - 27th.
do u like hard dance? ;)
similiar situation here..

I am doing the exact same thing you are, 23/m/from Boston. Will be there from the 8th till 20th, and I have places reserved until the 17th. I would be happy to share the cost of the places I will be staying at, since I am on a tight budget. I won't really be using the hostels for anything other than sleep, and a place to store things.

Diamondgeezer - I like hard dance. Would be cool to meet up!

Hey Azn I msged you but don't know if I did it right.
If your offer still stands, then I definitely accept.
I am getting antsy because I fly to UK on Friday.
I am a really nice person (that's what they all say isn't it) and I swear I won't cause any problems for any one, it's all in the name of fun.
And hey I really appreciated a response at all... I thought everyone would boycott me for saying I was american.

Come on boys (azn and diamond), let's do this.
cool. let me know your email addy, and I'll email you some more details as to exactly where I will be at, I am actually staying with some friends until the 12th, so I'll have to see if its cool, and if there is enough room. I'll get back to you though.


much appreciation

email is reallycan'tsay@hotmail.com