Ibiza International Film Festival 2010



Stronger than Ever

In response to the mean little article about the Ibiza Film Festival (IFF)
that appeared in last week's Ibiza Sun please note the following.
As you can see from the photograph Terry Gilliam, pictured below right,
patron of the Ibiza Film Festival, continues to support it with enthusiasm,
this in spite of having to accept a D:I:Y award due to the lack of funding
by local institutions with which the event is plagued.

The reason for this lack of funding has now become clear
as it was broadcast in the press recently that the Minister of Tourism
(who has recently resigned among strange rumours of corruption
and similar odd doings in the woodpile) was supporting the Fabulous New Event,
THE MALLORCA FILM FESTIVAL, a so-called first for the Baleares,
this in spite of the fact that the Ibiza Festival is about to embark on its fourth year.

Good Lord, is there no communication whatsoever between the powers that be
on this island and those of our bigger brother?

It would appear that Benlloch has indeed been speaking with ghosts for these past
three years when asking for support for the Ibiza Festival, both here in the Consell
and in the offices of the Govern, it would also appear that when the Travel people
asked us if John Hurt, another of our patrons would grace one of their events
in Madrid, and John as a favour changed his schedule for them
and they then had the bad manners not even to use him or offer a reason
as to why not - all this when The Oxford Murders were being released
and John Hurt as everyone knows was the leading man and therefore
good publicity - in brief - the total lack of vision as far as the local politicos
are concerned with regard to the Ibiza Film Festival is sad but typical
of their inability to understand a good thing when it is offered to them
on a plate and on a par with their lack of vision with so many other things.

For example, their insistance on using the name Eivissa when trying
to promote the island.
When are they going to realise that no one in the rest of Europe knows or cares
where it is, they only want to come to Ibiza.
The support that the festival has received from individuals has been enormous
both from people within the film industry and from certain places on the island
and for that we are extremely grateful and are working towards the fourth edition
in 2010 in which we hope that the films will start on time,
the posters will actually appear BEFORE the festival starts,
and other similar miracles will take place.

Stranger things have been known to happen, who knows, one day we may
even get some real backing from the local authorities,
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (sorrry about that)
because let's face it, everyone knows that there is no comparison
between Ibiza and Mallorca, Ibiza has more style, more chutzpah, more oomph,
more everything, except, it would seem, the right politicians to make the best of it.

Gail Fear
(ibiza-sun/from our readers)
I have been eagerly waiting on the dates for the festival. Have they been posted?

Thank you,