Ibiza In September?


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Hey guys I'm thinking of embarking on my second trip to Ibiza in September, probably not for the closing parties but a week or 2 prior to that. my question is- is Ibiza still packed during that time or do people mainly go in right before the closing parties and then split?

I was there late June so I would like it to be atleast as lively as it was then.

The party calendar is full so im guessing it will be good.
I was there September 14-21 last year and it was fairly busty but not packed. All the nights we went to were pretty busy though often the second room wasn't busy but 2 of the nights were Goa at space and People From Ibiza at Amnesia...neither of which are massive nights at any time of the summer.
I was there for 5 days in 2006 around september, 20th. WLS was packed (but it was the Closing of WLS), other parties were filled well but not too much.

Weather wasn´t that fine, the sun wasn´t shining all the time (first of all, when we made a trip to Formentera :( ) - got a cold after returning to Germany.
we went around mid-month last Sept, the weather was wonderful and most nights were pretty busy, manumission, judgement, cocoon etc. looking forward to this Sept as well; can't come fast enough!!!
I have been in early september and it was just right...
im going back again this september from the 29th untill the 8th of october... i know the weather isnt going to be great, but looking forward to the break.. going to get some good closings too... although i may skip the space closing, as the opening was such a let down this june...
roll on september!