Ibiza in September



Hey everyone...needs a bit of help me does! I am an Ibiza regular during the summer months however I have never been to any of the closing parties. Im going out on th 18th September for amongst others the Cream closing party cos I still havent recovered from Tiesto...my god blew me away! ...So, my question is...Whats it like in September? Is it still hot? Busy? Daytime parties u know all the usual high season shenanigans! basically is it any good?!
To me September is the best time of the year to visit Ibiza. Your football top wearing holiday makers are back in blighty for the football season and the real clubbers are left.

The workers that have been there for the season are on a high, the weather is still very hot but more bearable at night and the parties and beaches have a fantastic atmosphere. Enjoy!
What can I say! You have made a man on his 26th birthday VERY VERY happy....Ibiza im coming back atch ya! (in September!)
I'm going to be there from the 1st to 15th September, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not sure how much money to take with me though, I'm definately going to Carl Cox's closing party @ Space and Roger Sanchez @ Pacha and Renaissance @ Amnesia but apart from that the rest I'm not too bothered about. Looking forward to it though, me and my girlfriend have never been before so it should be good.
£1,000 for two weeks should see you ok. I am there the same time.

Make sure you do the Subliminal Sessions at Pacha and there is a Alex P and Brandon Block closing party at Space on the Friday morning.
im going out sept21st for another week.
imho, the closing parties are the wildest of the year. one final chance to squeeze out some seratonin before winter checks in.
try to make it to dc10 on mon 23rd and manumission carryon at space the next day. really wild, really fierce, really cool.
see ya there