Ibiza in October


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I have been to Ibiza in September the last 2 years with the girls but this year I am going in October (7-14) with the other half!

We are staying in San An Bay and just wander if it is going to be any different in October to September.

Also, we are looking to hire a car for a day or 2 - can anyone recommend any good, cheap companies to use (and maybe some to avoid!!)

ok the weather is still hot in oct.not so many people around but nice you can get about and get a drink quick,in oct alot of carhire places do 3 day deals.just take a look when you get there is best.you will find a few sales in shops at that time as well.
Hi Emma, was there last year in october,and on different days remember getting unexpectedly burnt in San Antonio,then lashed by sandstorms walking on the beach at Playa den Bossa,boats turned over then washed up on the beach.
Couple of hours later fine again !!

What I'm saying is that anything can happen weather wise,you can still have a good time, (except,maybe if that means pool/beach,laying in the sun all of the daylight hours)
I will be going in october this year also,later than you,you will probably have more sun but I don't mind :)
We stayed in San An bay last October and there was plenty to do around the bay. We will be there again for a week 11th to 18th October this year. Relaxing by the pool/sea in the day and chilling in the bars in the evening. Around the bay you have Pink Panther, Buccaneeros etc.. they stay open until the early hours of the morning. Plenty of other bars leading up to San An and the West End. For the kids the Rodeo bar was still open and also the minigolf park next door. Weather was up and down last October (probably the worst October weather we have had in the 10 years we have been going) - still had at least 4 very hot days out of the 7. Plenty of entertainment in the Cafe Royal and the Cassablanca bar with top host Jackie. I'm counting down the days already...
i was there from the 6th oct till 24th.and like said it was the early part of oct that was the worst weather i have seen in 25 years.monsoon weather really.infact for 4 days in playa den bossa it was really bad.streets flooded.still was able just to run out and get to a bar at night.bin liner made up like a mack.infact one day in my hotel.made a killing niping out to shops getting fags/water/food ect.mine you he was dressed for it.

its hit and miss in oct.but don;t let a bit of rain or cloud put you off.later in oct it was red hot again.

had to laugh though/i could see it coming from out at sea.i shouting round pool get in quick,nothing bothered to move.in less than 30 secs.the heavens opened up.and the wind.everyone looked like a drowned rat.
i have been going to Ibiza every year for about 12 years now, i just cant go a year without a visit. I always go for the clubs but this year i have decided to go on October 9th as everyone has told me there is alot more to see on the island then the inside of Space for 16 hours!

So i have hired a car and i am going to tour the island for two weeks and sample Ibiza's finest restaurants and beaches. I simply cant wait!! :) i hope the sun is shining!