Ibiza in October?


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Hi I'm new to this board. Have been to Ibiza a few times and thinking of going again in October. I'm not a massive clubber and a couple of good nights in one week would suit me fine. Question is are any clubs open? Also thinking of staying at Pikes - if I don't hire a car - how easy is it to travel around from there?
if you can afford to stay at pikes, you can probably afford to hire a driver for the week, and a load of prossies, and buy loads of drugs. just how rich are you?, can we all stay with you?
staying at pikes in october, is the best way to enjoy the real ibiza. but you must hire a car....should be no problem this year ;) the car rentals business is minus 50% to last year!!
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Hi rusty I am a girlie and I have plenty of dosh. Maybe my girlfriend and I will hire a load of prozzies!
I wwent last October and had a great time!

Pacha is open all year round

Thats about the only big 7 club open. Though the west end is MUCH better that time of year, less of the beer boys about, and alot more friendly place

No doubt you will still have a great time, how can you not being in Ibiza!