Ibiza in May


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Hi Guys, i have found a great half board deal flying out on 5th May, now i know that all big nights wont be on but i always said that i would love to visit Ibiza out of season. But what can i expect? Weather? Shops? Bars? etc will anything be open? Its staying out in the Bay in San An.

i've been in may a few times and always really enjoy it...most of the bars will be open as will the shops and restaurants... temp will be between 22-26 most days although only about 16-18c at night so might need long sleeves (depends how you feel the cold) as my missus does whereas i'm still in shorts and t shirts in uk dec/jan/feb so i don't....lol
only thing that isn't open are the big clubs which tend to kick off at the start of june although pacha is open at weekends...still plenty of good nights to be had around the bay and west end
Thank you for your reply i took a chance and booked it this morning anyway I always said I wanted to go to Ibiza out of season and hire a car and properply see the island so Im very excited now will be strange not being a clubbing holiday but we are taking my parents i know they will love it. Thanks again x