Ibiza in August!


Steve 5

Hi, I am Steve and love Ibiza and the clubs!

Me and my mates are looking to go to Playa D'en Bossa on 27th August for a week!

I have been to Ibiza before but never in August!

If I go this late in August will I miss the ridiculous crowds and high temperatures??

Please help as I am looking to book soon?

Steve :)


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the ridiculous crowds will have died down a bit yes, but the temprature i'm sure will still be soaring!

take factor 30! heheh ;)


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ive been the first week in spet before and it perfect, so that last week in august should be fine,

the most popular time is late july, begging of august me thinks.

im going last week in august and first in sep, so will be there the same time as you


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the crowd will have died, things will start gearing into september mode, but it will still be very hot....