Ibiza in April 2010


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Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice. I've booked a trip to Ibiza on teh 17th of April this year for 8 girls, all aged between 28 and 40. We are staying in San Antonio Bay, can anyone tell me if there are any nice bars and restaurants open at this time of year. I was hoping to go to Villa Mercedes for a nice meal and cocktails but not sure if it will be open then. We are not looking for clubbing just some nice bars and nice food across the island. Can anyone help??

hi vicky

make sure you pay a visit to ibiza town - lots of nice restaurants and bars there (apart of the beautiful old town uphill).
you might like "bambuddha grove", which i guess will already be open. you'll probably just miss "km5" which normally opens at the end of april. other places you might like are "el ayoun" and "l'elephant". do a search for these places to find more info about them. they're all on the posher side of things. else, there are a lot of bars and restaurants open all around the island.
villa mercedes will be open and if you want to say local to san an bay at prices even i can afford then you could pop into the pink panther for cocktails and there are some really good rezzies on that strip which are open all year. the muay thai and the pyrenees to name but two. in san itself all the best eateries are open, es ventall, rias baixas, nautical club, rebost de can prats, ample 32, 07820, es verro, island caff and so on.
this is great information thanks a lot, don't know if I will be able to fit in all these places in 3 days but will certainly give it a try.

Thanks again
What about sunset strip, cafe del mar, cafe mambo and places like this will they be open on the 17th of April???
Sunset strip: So far,Cafe del Mar and Rey de Copas will be open in April....maybe more to follow?
plus golden buddha..... which is open daily all year round :!:


i'm going this same weekend with some friends, age 20-21. so this is some pretty good info... we mainly want to party and go to bars and clubs... we're staying on C/ Ramón Muntaner. any more suggestions?
:lol:This has helped so much we are coming out for 5 days on the 17th april to with 6 girls 23-26 for a birthday. we know that pacha is open fri and sat but does anyone know how much we will pay to get in. anyone recomend anygood bars in Ibiza town as we haven't been to that side of the island yet. we are staying in the marina Thanks