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Hiya guys, well its time to book again.

I keep hearing on the radio that there are loads of good deals on the Internet.

However I have looked around and cant find any decent sites, especially those which tell you which hotel u can stay in.

So if anyone knows of any sites or has found a really good deal can they please let me know.

Oh and if you wanna keep your cheap source hush hush then you can private message me.

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depends where u r looking to go and on what sort of holiday....u can get an 18-30 for about £330 in august but this depends on if thats what u want...keep looking about and c what u find...www.club18-30.com if u wanna have a look there
reluctantly did an 18-30's last year so trying to avoid it this year.

Went in the travel agents on sat and we got offered a week in san an bay in a anice hotel with day time flights for 320.00 in July, think thats as good as im going to get??? seems pretty good to me just wondered if anyone had found any better
i booked back in january and paid £270...u might as well go for an 18-30 u dont have to do excursions and all the shit that goes with tham and it seems like a cheap option..i havnt seen much cheaper than £330
Agreed. TWentys and Club 18-30 have got really cheap deals on at the mo ... we're going with them but certainly dont plan on doing any of the excursions ... ( to be honest tho, will be nice to be around young people and not families )
Treble99 I've PM'd you as i work in a travel agents and am more than happy to have a scout around for a good deal for you :)

if you wish to book hotels and flights separately, then look no further than our hotel guide in the main site

we not only have over 70 bookable hotels and apartments, they each have their own detailed website - which means you can really get to know the place before you book - and there is an easy to use quick search function to find hotels in your chosen area. if you are unable to find anything there, then i would be surprised ;-)
If theres a couple of yous, then have a scout round for package deals, Scottish Helen will prob be able to find u something in this area. If ur like me and may be goin on ur own book from the site! -Tis proper cheap :)

Sayin that, if theres a couple of u, then bookin from the hotels direct (links on this site) will save u a shed load!

and if u got a hush hush deal, pm us the details! Nice one! :p
Hi, Me and a mate are going on the 22nd june, just the 2 of us staying in a 1 bed apartment meant for 4 people with air conditioning too, staying at the ibizamar, booked it through the first choice website for £300 each, not bad i thought, also try Portland-direct they are doing a good deal on the Xaloc apartments which are very good apartments
Treble 99 Are you the same Treble 99 as the one who goes onto the LFC-online forums????
At the end of the day you pay for what you get.
If you want a certain hotel or a high star hotel its gonna cost you.
If you arn't bothered about that and just want a clean room to sleep in then you can get something pretty cheap
There are cheap flights available too.
Best thing is to use the internet and find a hotel you like and that has got good reviews then see what it costs with hotel and flights seperate and then see what the package costs.
It can start off as a headache but you will get there in the end.
Go on united!!!!! n all that!!!!

Anyway, this company is the nuts if there are a group of you going, their villa prices are much better than any other company

(e.g. I'm out there with some mates in 2 weeks and flights + villa with own pool etc.. cost us £280 each for 7 of us!) - obviously more expensive for July and August (never understood why anyone would want to go at that time anyway - much better to go to opening/closing parties and save £100 each on holiday costs)

You pay for the villa, not per person + flights on top, but it works out about the same price as decent appartements)

Check it out! 8) [/url]