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Nobbie Q

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Okay the version of that Gotye track is at 9 mins of this video (before the Seth and Ricardo kiss- not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Yo what's going on with the transition between Gotye and the next song?!

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it's the sort of track that sounds a bit shit at home but which would probably blow your mind at sa trinxa :lol:

there was another Gotye track (Heart's a Mess) on Kompakt with loads of orchestral elements about 10 years back which was way better
Is this the one you're referring too?

Nice record if so - first time I've heard that!


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It wasn't a bad remix really that Goyte tune, its just 2012 will always be remembered for the year that tune was played EVERYWHERE! You couldn't escape it!

The original is a bit weird, and the video weirder
Resistance looks like they have dropped their special guest for opening & have an extended beyer b2b plex set? Wonder what happened there?

Also, Charlotte De witte now b2b with eats everything - bit of a strange one of you ask me, a real clash of styles - but hey, I’m ready to give it a go.....