Ibiza for the summer


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just wondering if anyone has gone to ibiza for the summer before? where is best to stay? i take it it wont be in hotels as that would get expenisve. i dont fancy getting a job either as my student loan would come into play. anyone done it before?
when we went in July, theres this canadian lady who we see out there alot, she had gone out there, stayed at a place for a couple of nights, then looked around for a cheap place to stay and found a nice hotel/apt type place, inc breakfast for 25euro per night, that was in San An, so I'm sure you could find something when your out there
Ive been there in July, August and Sept. Preferred August or July. Tis year im going in June. for all the opening parties!
you could try some of the hostels they usually have rooms to rent all season fairly cheap.
Ibiza-girlie said:
just avoid Norte....small, claustrophobic rooms with bad views but however excellent swimmingpool areas!

I stayed there this year, not amazin, but we booked last min, ok for 5 nights indulgence where not much sleep is needed!