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Hey guys,

I'll be in Ibiza from June 16th-26th, and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for companies that offer excursions around the island and/or formentera. I was hoping to book something through Panorama Tours, but it appears that they don't want to update their website for 2009 yet.

Any help would be great.

I'm ideally looking for a trip to Es Vedra, one to Formentera, and another one that takes you around to most of the less-traveled parts of Ibiza.
Formentera you can diy.the rest really hire a car.best way to see island and cheaper in the long run.depends where your staying in ibiza.
from pdb you can get the boats to Formentera.thats the easy bit done.the rest if you cannot get on to the site.for which they say see rep at hotel.if no joy.i would do what a few have done and gone to anothe hotel and booked with another tour op.end of the day its money to them.

which hotel you staying in by the way
Yeah I figured the formentera boat ride would be the easiest. I'm staying at Palladium, which is all-inclusive, so I think I should be able to book a few excursions through them.
google map ibiza ok.boat pick up is about 20 min good walk away.walk towards ibiza town on beach.you will see a where boats are.


boat picks up.around 10/15. 30 am.returns 4pm 4.30 depends which boat you get.see board for more details.a few little steps to walk down.nice lady will sort you out.

or you can get a bus to boat pick up area.just knowing where to get off.just before hotel tres carabelas.bus # 14.that will also take you into ibizatown.
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