Ibiza essential experiences


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SO off to Ibiza on the 29th and am looking for some advice on what I should do to quitisentially enjoy Ibiza: Staying Cala Llonga and have a couple of nights planned for San Antonio, Santa E and Ibiza town.

For example, best place to watch the sunset, nice authentic restaurant best beaches, Atlantis:idea:, things I must do.

Cheers in advance
Cala llonga is very beautiful, but very quiet. It does have a wonderful beach.Depends on age group and various other things, eg age etc as to what you will enjoy.
You are a short bus away from St Eulalia town, excellent restaraunts and again very nice but depends what you like. San An is a good way away with 2 buses minimum.
Many fabulous beaches but some you would need transport for.
Popular sunset at Cafe del Mar. Good market at Las Dallias and Ibiza town well worth a visit in the evening.
How long and where are you staying in Cala Llonga?