Ibiza Blues



Hiya jut got back,am on a serious downer now i'm depressed to f*** all i have to cheer me up is my memories of ibiza and ma fotos (on monday)
Awww .. know how you feel .. am still feeling like I'm living in a memory ...
Got back this morning..........................cried my little heart out on the plane on the way home, pining for ibiza already................seriously contemplating going back and looking for work this summer. Just got my photos back from Tesco- the man was laughing at them, brilliant snaps though! Hell of a place............. Love you Ibiza, Hasta Luego ...............
i know exactly what u mean my freind just got back myself.

what nights did you do???
Robo said:
apparently the best cure for ibiza blues is to book up another trip for the closings

I've been invited by some friends to go over in Sep, think I'll get my first trip there done with first before accepting though. Just in case I don't like Ibiza :eek: ;)
I know what you mean.

I got back last weekend and i've only just get over Ibiza blues. Funny you mention closing parties because the first thing i did the day after i got back was to price up a long weekend to go to the Cocoon closing party.
i got back this morning as well double kick in the teeth though as im not going to see my girlfriend for 4 weeks now either.

i rang up a job i started just before i flew out and one of the managers ive not met said ive been away longer than i said i got to see him tommorrow :(

I want to go back to ibiza

i was as sunseabar last night and they got a sighn up saying they need staff to work for them
Ive been back two weeks now.....and Im going again in September....and I still havent got over the blues. Ive got it bad this year and Im dreadng to think what I will be like when I come back in September.
All I have done since I came back is talk about my week in Ibiza and talk about my next trip in September.
There's a big group of us going in September and a few of them have never been before. They dont understand why I am missing it so much...I think they may realise when we get there!!
Hello!!!!! I lived and worked in Ibiza for summer 2001 and haven't been back since so my blues are bigger than anyone's. I still remember getting out of Space dripping wet on a Monday morning and walking back along the beach to Figueretes with the sun rising over the old town. I could almost cry now (well, you get the drift).

Here in Sydney it all seems soooooooooo far away. Which it is. And Sydney's scene is so limited compared to Europe, which makes it worse!

But I'm back for Pacha and Space closing at end of Sept so here's hoping my memory isn't playing tricks on me!!

Not looking forward to them prices though. :eek:
It's been just over 11 months since I left Heaven on Earth and I still feel the depression of leaving... that feeling just sux. Luckily, I'm lookin forward to next year when I will return to La Isla Blanca hopefully during Radio 1 weekend!! Cheers to all those that went this year and just got back... only way to get rid of the depression is to go back and do it all over again!