Ibiza - Best 5 pictures and Why


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Ill start a thread here. Everyones thats been to the White Isle this year put your 5 favourite pictures on this thread and explain why they were your best pictures. The memorys etc. Its not whos made the best picture, just 3 special moments!!!



Channel Zoo Wednesday 19th Aug

This is one of my favorite pictures because we wernt even gonna go to this as we heard numbers were low.As you can see from this picture that wasnt the case atall and the atmosphere in the seal pit was unreal!. This was my favourite night of the holiday!


Cocoon Terrace 17th August

This picture was taken right at the front by the dj box at about 2oclock, At this time is wasnt overcrowded, the music was out of this world.


Cream 20th August

Was in the mainroom all night but went into the terrace to catch 20 mins of Dave Spoon. Asked some girls on the podium to take a picture with my phone.


Bora Bora 16th August

Like this picture just for the simple fact it was our first day, we had just bought our space tickets and the 4 of us were in the best mood ever with the whole week infront of us!!


August 16th on the beach in PDB

We had gone to Space and the sunset Terrace was empty, So we used our passout went the shop and got a 18euro bottle brandy, cups, 2 bottles of coke and the women in the shop charged us 6euros for the lot. We found a quiet little speck on the beach and just enjoyed watchin the planes land and chatting to other randoms on the beach before going to ushuaia. The small cheap things that end up being the best I think!!!
Great photo's and a good thread! Pitty I can't throw any photo's in as I won't be there this year for only the second year since 1996!!
Whilst I've taken lots of pictures in my 2 trips to Ibiza, I've never managed to take many decent ones.

Here is a selection, and hopefully I'll be able to share a few more after my next trip in September.

I haven't got any major reasons why I like then, they just remind me of good times.


#1 Sunset outside Cafe Mambo in August 2008 on a cloudy day. It lit up the sky beautifully.


#2 Erick Morillo doing his thing. 13th August 2008. Great night.


#3 Probably one of my favourite things about Ibiza - Just sitting outside Mambo with a few beers watching the sun go down and the world go by.


#4 I like the way this captured the smoke going off and Tiesto in the middle of it all. Another great night.


#5 Me! :eek:
Great idea for a thread. Here's my selection:

Airport Sign, 21st July: that famous sign - as soon as you see it, you know you're back on the magical White Isle

Aguas Blancas, 16th August: one of my fave beaches on the island, and think this shot shows the relaxed, anything-goes attitude of everybody there

Cafe Mambo, 13th August: always a great place to start the night, with a beautiful sunset, great tunes and throngs of people

Ibiza Rocks Hotel, 11th August: a great addition to the island, and Dizzee Rascal & Groove Armada both rocked it this year - great times

Carl Cox @ Space, 22nd July: think this photo sums up perfectly the main room at Space - special, hands-in-the-air kinda place
Brilliant idea for a thread!

Some excellent photos up already. Loving the Judge's jaunty angles, and Housewilly's sunsets!

Also loving Sevo's story about the brandy and Coke on the beach. A few years ago was over in Benidorm on a spring (April) training camp for cycling (when I used to race). Was doing about 70-80 miles a day, but half way through the fortnight, me and another few guys decided to take a breather for a day. So we went and bought a cheap 5 litre box of red wine, a few plastic wine glasses, and a couple of huge bags of ready salted crisps, then went and lay on the beach for about 7 hours. It turned out to be the best day of the holiday!!

Anyway, not got any 2009 photo's yet, but I leave in 2 days :D:D:D:D

I'll be sure to put up my 5 best when I come back (following on from Dale's post how exactly do you put pictures into threads?).


2008 Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3045435...7607269278221/
2009: 2 days to go, ya dancer!
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Yer I had to get one of the Eivissa Sign on my phone on our way home, I wasnt so happy to see it as I was when we arrived a week earlier!

Plane taking off in PDB

we love sundays!!!!



ME and my other Half at channel zoo

Midget at Garlands

channel zoo


sunset from channel zoo

**** it Ive changed the rules! As many photos as you want up! :)
Well, I've not got any from 2009 yet, but seeing as how the rules have changed, here's my top 5 from 2008:

The start of the holiday, early morning flight from Glasgow. Sun came up, and I thought about the fact it would be the same sun that would be beating down on me for the next week in Ibiza! This is where the holiday officially started!

Just arrived, got the shorts on, bought some beer, and sorted out the music. First time in Ibiza, didn't know what lay ahead, and couldn't keep the smile off my face! One of the best moods I've ever been in!

At the Blue Marlin. An excellent day, and this photo just perfectly sums up what the place is all about. People relaxing and chilling out in the sun. Look at that sky!!

Fire show at Kanya. One of my favourite places of the holiday, spent many hours relaxing here, both during the day and night. This photo, for me, sums up the vibe of the place.

Privilege; this was my first view of the club when I walked in, and when faced with this, I was completely awestruck. This photo really captures the sheer size and scale of the place!

So, there you go. Hopefully I'll have another 5 in a fortnight!


2008 Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3045435...7607269278221/
2009: 1 day to go, ya dancer!
after seven years of ibiza holidays there are a lot of memories and pictures:


the 1st hour on the island: trinking wine with my friends in the mediterranean sea at night


out of space: what a beautiful sunrise at ses figueretes


walking trip to atlantis and torre del pirata, es vedra looks best at this point


sharing a 28cent fink-bräu with luciano at amnesia parking area after heard him playing a grandios set at dc10


no sunshine this day, but i like the colors of the beach (Agua Blanca)...

for more just check the links in my signature :)
Great idea Sevo! Like you, I have to write two replies because I can't do it in 5.


Steve Lawler, The King of the Space Terrace doing his thing at WLS, what a way to start our first night ever in Ibiza.


Just chilling for a bit watching Paul Woolford go to work at WLS.


We made friends with this bouncer Claus at WLS because I would bum him a smoke everytime we came to chill in the Sunset Terrace for some cool air and we would chat, so when we came back from Toolroom Nights on Tuesday he invited us behind the DJ booth to chill and drink for free with Mark Night's crew and this pic was taken by his bouncer friend so don't worry about cameras in clubs:)


Glad we found the tunnel that connects Playa Den Bossa beach to Evissa Town through the Old Town Castle, very nice for cutting through to Bora Bora.


FYI, Montana in Evissa Old Town is the only legal afterhours. Claus confirmed it's technically a cafe that opens at 7:30 am that serves alcohol. Ended up there 3 mornings, very interesting characters in this underground chill spot with local DJs playing very funky and jazzy house and techno. If you're wide awake at 9:00 am staring at your hotel walls check it out:)


Sunrise waiting for bus after leaving Cocoon at Amnesia, got to love the ringing echo of Marco Corola in your ears in the silence of the morning.


Ditto for sunrise over Evissa Port after leaving Erick Morillo at Pacha, we had to chill on a bench for a hour to catch our breath after Subminal Sessions, wow, wow, wow.

View of Evissa Port from outside our hotel.


We all must defend Ibiza!


I love catching new artists I don't know and being surprised by how great they are. Had to get some air during Morillo at Pacha and found GOLDFISH LIVE in the Global Room and ending up staying to listen to them for a hour. Their sound was hot. They did an awesome job playing live instruments and mixing it.
Montana in Evissa Old Town is the only legal afterhours. Claus confirmed it's technically a cafe that opens at 7:30 am that serves alcohol.
1) theres no legal afterhours in ibiza
2) they can not play music till 10am, even if they do so
3) thats why they have so many denounces (like sunrise, also in sa penya)
Head to Montana next time then and find out for yourself! Opens at 7:30 and you get a free shot with the purchase of a beer until 9:00. They handed out cards with the address and a map outside Cocoon, there was a line waiting on the street at 7:25 because they couldn't open the doors yet!
Head to Montana next time then and find out for yourself! Opens at 7:30 and you get a free shot with the purchase of a beer until 9:00. They handed out cards with the address and a map outside Cocoon, there was a line waiting on the street at 7:25 because they couldn't open the doors yet!
I think you don't understand,the prohibition at breakfast time is on the loud music !!