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We're hitting up IBIZA Aug 14-18...CANT FREAKING WAIT....IT WILL BE THE BEST time EVERRRR.........

We'll be staying at Es Vive! Anyone going then?

2 yanks and a Malaysian!

we'll be arriving the 18Th august, if you're not leaving early that day, we might meet up at Borra Borra
Hey smiley

Most definitely.....lets meet up and have a few drinks at BORA-BORA :)

We'll be staying at Es Vive which I believe is close to where you are.

We want to go to "We Love Sundays" @ SPACE on Sun.

I think we'll be extending our stay........HEEHEE.....
we're all trying to decide the best date to go - probably sometime in august - any suggestions ?

How many of you going ? and are you all 24hour-nonstop-nutters ?

Off course we are also going to space that sunday, I suggest that we have a drink at Borra Borra around 4pm, can come earlier 'cause we are just arriving this day. For recognising eachother I don't have already an idea, so any suggestion will be very appriciated ;)
There are 4 of us right now. When are you arriving? Lets plan on meeting up to create some mayhem :) We arrive Aug 14.

I think we'll be at Space by 4pm though :( What time do you come in? I think the easiest way to recognize each other would be to exchange photos over the internet? Your thoughts?
I don't think that we can come in befor 8.00pm, cause we still have a lot of thinks to organise this day; about the picture no problem I'll send you on on your e-mail; let's meet up at the entrance around 9.00pm; so both of us are sure that we're in the club ;)
Going to Ibiza in Aug...

Hi.....I'm from Toronto, Canada and we will be traveling to Ibiza on Aug.14 - Aug. 23........Maybe we could all meet up one day!!!!!!!! I can't wait it is my first time!!!!!! so excited :p .....
see ya
Hey klubkiddcutie....

Sounds like a plan. Just pick a place n time n we'll be there.....We'll b there from aug14-19. it's our first too...should be ABSOLUTLY FUN FUN FUN. where r u staying?

woohooo.....we're going to iiibbbiiiizzaaa
C U in Ibiza....(not sure if PM went thru..)

Hey, It's Nadia and Klubkiddcutie....we're the only 2 travelling and meeting would be great!!!!! We have no clue as there are too many options.......any thoughts on a date and time....let us know!!!!!!!!

WOOOO HOOOO!!! We're almost there!!!!!!!
I'm planning on being there from the 14th through the 21st of August. I'm trying to book something in San Antonio at Apartmentos Sol y Soñar for the duration but I'm experiencing a glitch on their stupid website. :rolleyes:

I wanna do some riding & relaxing during the day and some hard partying at night.
Yay!! More ppl coming in Aug...lets meet up and have a couple of shots!!

U guys down for it?

We're staying at Es Vive.

Aug 14-19.
Off course, lets say every sunday borra borra beach and wednesday Café del mar; like it's explained in the meeting point 8) For those who wants to meet up; send me a private message and I'll send you my picture; so much easier for recognsing each other ;)
We'll be there from Aug 14-19, if anyone wants to meet up before weds or sun....send me a private message....

this is going to be the best clubbing experience EVER!!! yay!!:)
Ibiza in 3 weeeeekkkssssss!!!!

Oh my god.......in about 3 weeks...we're going to be in IBBBIIIIIIZZZZZZAAAAAA!!! Wooo hhoooooooo.....

We're staying at Es Vive.

Anyone who wants to meet up, send me a private message!!!!

Aug 14-19.
Im going 16th til 30th...anyone out there fancy a meet up??? Staying in San An!!! Let me know!!!