ibiza - april


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hy i´m going to ibiza on the 18 april. is it too early to searching for work? and where in better to looking for jobs, ibiza town or san anotnio ? or any other location
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ït's not too early, but you will need some cash for your first few weeks as you won't earn a lot of money until the end of may (or even june)
either ibiza town / playa d'en bossa or san antonio
There are recruitment days in San Antonio at the end of April/beginning of May, see here.

I'm flying out on 27th April and will be in San An for a week. Kinda want to stay in PDB thereafter but haven't found much info on working there, though I'd guess speaking more than just English would be a big advantage (more so than in San An).
That looks good. I'm looking to go out on the 2nd of May, a little daunted about finding something and the accomadation, does anyone have any previous experience going out there blind?